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ESTES Preferred Customer Maintenance Care Plans are specifically designed to keep heating and air conditioning cooling equipment operating at optimal performance efficiency.

Keep your Home comfortable!  Air Conditioning systems are one of the most important and complicated components in your home.


ESTES offers routinely scheduled maintenance for your residential or commercial HVAC and air conditioning systems to keep it operating at its optimal efficiency.   

The purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep the HVAC system running seamlessly – without costly surprises or disruptions.

Even the most expensive HVAC systems breakdown when they are neglected.  Manufacturer may promise the moon, however an intricate piece of mechanical equipment can definitely breakdown if it is neglected, especially if it needs repairs.  

Reduce the amount of repairs on your system by keeping on top of annual maintenance.  Neglected systems slowly loses the ability to keep the “home” comfortable using the same amount of efficiency it once did.  

Your energy bill is the first indicator that a system may need repairs.

Often equipment breaks down on hot days in the middle of summer or the coldest winter night, because of the amount of energy that is being used.

 Calling for a service “tune-up” can help catch problems before they costly.

Air conditioners, heating and other common HVAC equipment will always function better when they’re regularly cleaned and serviced. 

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