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Estes Heating & Air Conditioning in Jacksonville, Florida helps people who suffer from debilitating allergies, by providing green options from manufacturers that ESTES uses. Estes improve the indoor environment for families and offices. For more information contact us today!



Don’t take our word for it, read the reviews on Facebook! You can also ask any of the qualified Air Conditioning Technicians, and they’ll say that it isn’t the number of installations that is important, it is the QUALITY of each installation job. ESTES takes special care of each installation we do… This is one of the most expensive and crucial investments you can make as a homeowner… Trust the experts to treat your money as carefully as you would! 



Estes offers affordable Maintenance plans and discounts on replacements, parts, and labor. We will work with you and your budget.  Once installation is complete, ESTES ensures that your HVAC or Air Conditioning Unit is always at an optimally operating. ESTES  professionally cleans your entire A/C system, inside and out. We clean it up, clean the coils, lubricate all moving parts and install a new filter, test operating pressures, and measure Freon levels.



Assessment is a crucial part of understanding problems with Air Conditioners.  Sometimes an entire job can rely on knowing which question to ask.  ESTES is familiar with every unit’s make and model, and we will respond anytime you should call, 24 hours a day.  


DUCT Cleaning

It is recommended that every 3-5 years (or as needed), that DUCTS should be cleaned for optimal air purity and general cleanliness. Florida is humid, y’all…  Dust can easily accumulate, and because of the humidity in Florida, unaware home owners have an ideal playground for germs, viruses, and bacteria to flourish. It can be one of the healthiest things you can do to improve your overall health of your household! ESTES cleans and sanitizes duct work to ensure that these hazardous contaminants are cleaned and removed so air can maintain optimal purity.




Education is the most important part of providing excellent customer service in the Air Conditioning industry. Air Conditioning and HVAC units are constantly getting technological advancements, and ESTES shares that with you.  

If you’ve been searching for a company in the North Florida counties like Duval, St. Johns, and  that provides the full spectrum of services for all of your heating and air conditioning needs, look no further than Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning.

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