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Estes cleans ducts using specialized blowers, vacuums, and brushes to clean out the supply, intake, and return ducts throughout your home. 

Ducts in your home can get dirty. They need cleaning after remodeling, or quarterly maintenance.   

Duct cleaning involves a specialized and thorough cleaning of air handler, registers, grilles, fans, motors, housings, and coils of the HVAC system.  

  • Clean or replace your filter
  • Make sure blower motor is functioning correctly
  • Reduce home’s heating load
  • Make sure all household vents are free
  • For gas furnaces, verify the exhaust flue to the outside is clear
  • Remove all flammable objects from around your furnace
  • Clean your heating systems vents and ductwork

A/C & Heating is the largest expense in your home.

Replace your dirty filters because it filters grease, humidity, and common particulates  from the air before it moves into the furnace equipment and is heated.  


Common Particulates include:

dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, spores, and more.

Inexpensive filters provide basic protection… 

More expensive air filters offer improved air quality, which can help individuals who may suffer from allergies or asthma.

When the airflow is impeded by dust, grime and pollen, and a dirty air filter, the furnace has to work harder and will have inadequate airflow. The furnace won’t operate as efficiently as it was designed to work.

Estes uses specialized equipment and infrared sensor cameras, where we determine the biggest problems areas, and help you determine the best places to make improvements. 

(Sometimes it’s as easy as getting new weather stripping on your windows and doors, or sealing and insulating the duct-work, or adding more insulation to the attic.)

In order for your system to work properly, the air that flows through the ducts in your house, must circulate completely throughout the system and the furnace should be fully operational. 

Vents should ideally be free of debris, clear and working properly. 

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Your SEO optimized title page contents
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