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Recent Commercial

HVAC Installation

Here is a recent Commercial HVAC Installation by Estes Heating & Air Conditioning with an Estes Employee.

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Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly when you need a new AC or heat pump replacement, especially when your current unit is still running. If you have any of the following problems, call one of our comfort specialists to talk about your air conditioning equipment options.

Estes Heating & Air Conditioning Business Outing at SMASH Ping Pong Restaurant & Bar in Jacksonville, Florida.

If your air conditioner efficiency is declining, then your electric bills will reflect that each month. Maybe it’s it’s the heat pump, possibly the oil, or filter.  

Air conditioning installations can noticeably lower your cooling costs. If you have certain rooms that won’t cool down when it’s really hot outside, your AC unit may no longer have sufficient capacity to keep your whole house comfortable.

Advances made in Air Conditioning equipment is so much more intuitive and efficient, many homeowners are able to pay for the unit with the savings you’ll enjoy over its lifetime.

Inefficient Utility Costs:  Utility bills change because of the weather, natural weather occurrences and unforeseen accidents, but there might be another reason. 

Poor Air Quality Often Translates to Comfort: Air conditioner’s run all the time. When one thing occurs causing a system breakdown,  the entire house is affected. 

After 10-15 years, older outdated air conditioner equipment and heat pumps typically lose necessary effectiveness. 

Non-Warranty compressor failures are signals that homes may need an upgraded system. When the cost of repairs cuts into you level of comfort, you might want to consider replacing your unit. 

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