RideNow Powersports

Situated behind its main showroom located on Blanding Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida, RideNow Powersports – Jacksonville’s warehouse expansion comprises over 10,000 square feet and is the new home of its service center. Specifically designed to use 100% OA via two Daikin package units cooling 45 tons of air which runs through 6,000 pounds of metal, double-walled spiral ductwork, the system was designed to run in conjunction with the building’s exhaust system in order to mitigate harmful emission gases for the RideNow technicians working inside. The office workspace is served by a 3.5-ton Trane heat pump system, with its air being channeled through rectangular, galvanized duct. We appreciate the owners of RideNow Powersports and DS Contracting for allowing us to partner with them on a project of this scope; contact us today if you’d like us to bid on your residential or commercial new construction job!