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Like several of his colleagues here at Estes Heating and Air, Ron grew up in the city where he now makes his living – Jacksonville, Florida. He has extensive experience in the HVAC-R industry, having spent over 16 years as an installer, service technician, and refrigeration expert. In fact, Ron has a particular knack for ice machines, which can be notoriously tricky and are often avoided by many refrigeration service technicians. He most enjoys troubleshooting service-related problems but is appreciated by all here at Estes because he will fill any role asked of him.

Ron is an outdoorsman and likes to fish and shoot when he has the time to dabble in his hobbies. He enjoys spending time with his dog when at home. Ron is, at heart, a service technician, and the following advice from him clearly reflects that: “Don’t start working on it before we get there!”