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If HVAC systems are not adequately maintained, air filters become saturated with potential microbial growth and stale odor concerns.

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If HVAC systems are not adequately maintained, air filters become saturated with microbial growths and stale odors (which you breathe into your lungs).

Your HVAC is a sensitive piece of machinery that accounts for over 20% of your household budget each year. 

Americans spend more than $22 billion every year on air conditioning, alone.

Sometimes, if your HVAC is not properly maintained, microbes can grow as a result of stagnant water in drain pans or even from uncontrolled moisture inside of air ducts and cooling coils.

The proper distribution of ventilation air throughout your home is totally essential, which is why your HVAC unit is so important. 

When the amount of air delivered through your vents and HVAC system, is compromised, or has mold growing, the number of people in your home will all be effected. 

Repairs are the last thing anyone wants to think about, but you know it’s almost unavoidable.

Maintaining a home in Jacksonville is not always easy. It can be a very stressful and completely exciting experience for most people. Your HVAC system makes up nearly 50% of your annual energy costs. Almost half of the energy you consume as a household goes towards cooling…

Outdoor Air Supply

All HVAC systems need an adequate supply of outdoor air, and is necessary in any home or office environment in order to dilute toxins and pollutants that are released by equipment, house materials, furniture, spray products, and people.

There are so many factors that go into providing safe flow of clean air for consumers, for employees, and for your family.  There are many things you can do, but the first step in making sure you have clean air. 

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