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Estes Heating & Air Conditioning provides Service, Installation, and Maintenance in Jacksonville.

Here are a few tips to help ‘winterize’ your home in Northeast Florida.

Compared to some places in the country, Jacksonville may seem pretty mild, but even though we may not get snow, these few tips can save you money and time in the long-run.

Sweep It Clean

The area around the exterior portion of your air conditioner can get clogged, or weighted down by debris.  This directly affects the compressor, which can get beaten up by different Florida elements during the course of a year. Sweep it out. Make sure acorns, or other things aren’t clogging (or impeding) its ability to function.   

 Remember, it’s exposed to both the weather and natural Florida elements… it can easily become filled with branches, leaves, bugs, animal droppings (yes, really), and other types of residue. 

It’s really good practice to make sure you take a hose and a brush to remove the debris.

By cleaning your HVAC unit, clogging can be prevented, rust can be minimized, you can identify any animal damage that has occurred, and maybe identify potential problems if you need a repair.

If it gets too cold 

CALL ESTES to insulatE your UNIT

If you have already swept debris and cleaned your HVAC unit, on the coldest days if you’ve had issues with sticks, leaves, weeds or some other type of debris in the past, consider contacting us to encase your HVAC unit.   


LET ESTES Inspect Your HVAC Unit

If your HVAC unit concerns you, consider utilizing ESTES “Preventive Maintenance Program,” as an option.  We have one of the best ways to protect your HVAC system from costly repairs.

If you need a tuneup, give ESTES a call and let us check your air conditioner.

Maintenance Costs Less Than Fixing The Problem Later

By identifying problems early, ESTES cuts your overall maintenance bill and completely keeps your air conditioner in best condition! 

Call ESTES Heating & Air Conditioning a call to get your air conditioner ready for what tomorrow brings.

Call (904) 241-6727.




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