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Air Conditioners In Jacksonville

Estes Heating & Air Conditioning provides Great HVAC Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Service in Jacksonville.   

ESTES chooses the best air conditioners that are practical, that work for families and are more efficient and quiet to keep you literally “AIR CONDITIONED.” 

We want to keep you comfortable all year long.

ESTES does our very best to keep you and your home as comfortable as possible!

Let’s get to the next level of variable HVAC / AC technology in Jacksonville, Duval County, and St. Johns County that allows ESTES air conditioners to adjust to your heating and cooling needs.

Discover ESTES’s most efficient, most reliable, quietest and smartest decision you can make for an air conditioner, and we will guarantee that you will keep your cool while saving money and cost-effective energy.

Air Conditioning Questions? 

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What are you looking for? 

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  • What is the best AC company in Jacksonville? 


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Quick Reference 

Estes Heating and Air Conditioning provide many different fields of expertise on heating, air conditioning, and HVAC units. Our expertise is correlated to specific repair needs that power your household. We can help your family prevent severe damage to your unit and system by providing repairs and/or maintenance at the first sign of difficulty. ESTES knowledgeable service team helps get you fixed-up so you’re always comfortable in your own home.

Quick maintenance

Estes Heating and Air Conditioning has been in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Jax Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Palm Coast, St. Johns and St. Augustine  since 1992, we know that maintenance is one of the most important things you can do as a consumer to save money. ESTES offers a scheduled preventative maintenance plan to increase the overall lifespan of your HVAC Unit.   

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