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Don’t wait for a problem to happen. In many instances, issues occur once the damage has already been done due to a lack of maintenance.

Households should attempt to, at-the-least, try to catch problems before they happen…  If you manage to adopt preventative maintenance for your equipment, you can remain in much better condition, and stay optimally operational… even if it happens to sit stagnate or is always used.

With regular care, you’ll experience less downtime. This simple checklist will help you maintain your furnace.

Clean and/or Replace the Filter

Filters in your HVAC System serve really important jobs in your household by providing clean filtered air throughout your house.

The filters installed where the “return” duct enters your system, removes particulates from the air before it moves through your  HVAC system. The filter is designed to remove specific particulates, including dust mites, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, spores, dirt, sand and more.

Filters are all similar provide basic protection, but the type estes uses are moderately priced and are exceptionally reliable.

Our filters are designed specifically to catch all types of particulates flowing through your system. Estes air filters provide much higher  quality air filtration, which can help individuals who may suffer from dust mites, have bad allergies, and/or asthma.

Have Estes Replace Your Filters

If your airflow happens to be impeded by a dirty air filter, the HVAC system has an added stress on the system and has an inadequate airflow and doesn’t operate as efficiently as it was designed.

Inexpensive air filters are recommended to be changed every 30 to 90 days. Estes disposable pleated air filters may last three months or longer depending on the quality of your furnace. Consumers should ask technicians questions about the recommended life span of filters. 

Your SEO optimized title page contents
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