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Spewing Dust 

Did you ever notice that when you turn your A/C on your air conditioner smells bad? 

Does it time to start up, can you visually see dust blowing out of the system? Is it blowing mold particles around your house? 

Toxic Mold or Mildew

Mildew can originate from various sources like damp dust, mildew, mold and other particles.  At the very least, it is a clear indicator that your air conditioning requires maintenance — especially if it smells like moldy hair or dust. Other smelly odors can indicate something more toxic.

Acrid Smelly Odors  

If you haven’t gotten a recent A/C cleaning, you might detect a musty, burning scent emanating from your vents. In plain terms, the causes your air conditioner to smell bad?

Bacterial growth, mold, mildew in the forms of particulates, moisture that is compounded with temperature, will often circulate through your indoor air system and it inevitably settles in your air conditioner.

Increase Your Home’s Efficiency  

When improving your home’s air-flow and  efficiency, you must realize that it isn’t an easy task. ESTES must test the system in order to improve the performance of the overall house-hold system. 

How Do You Asses The Problem? 

ESTES follows specific steps to sample air quality, measure clarity   toxicity and diagnose a solution for your air quality.  

Stale Funky Smells

Air Conditioners can sometimes smell stale, musty, and somewhat funky.  If you have raging allergies and an itchy nose, the filter may need changing. Dusty ventilation ducts may need a good cleaning, or your evaporator coil could be caked with a layer of gunk.  Calling us is a great first step! 

Stinky Air Conditioner smells mean YOU SHOULD CALL US…


 We have a checklist of procedures that we follow to treat your HVAC unit through a method of maintenance.  We give your system a check-up and we’ll let you know exactly what to expect.   


As a home owner, one of the best things you can do it keep your A/C unit oiled, lubricated with clean coils, so it can run smoothly and use less energy. Contact ESTES and we’ll schedule a routine maintenance check right away. 

Tune-up, or Burn-Out?  

HVAC tune-ups are necessary so you can avoid any major breakdowns. 

Neglect can be costly! 

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