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Detecting Symptoms of House Health

Do you need to humidify your house?

Dry air can be detected through the tell-tale symptoms that reveal themselves through the “details” occuring in your house.

If your nose is always running, if you have a dry throat, if your sinus is always congested, and if you always have dry and itchy skin then you should consider increasing the humidity of your home.

There are six problems caused by dry air, and how to combat them. … cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air. Ideal indoor humidity during winter should hover around 45 percent. But dry winter air can cause your humidity to drop substantially, to levels of 15 percent or less.

Homes can generate more than 40+ pounds of dust yearly. 

Homes (on average) contain 72 trillion allergens on any given day.

Almost 45% of homes, condos, and living units, in the United States have one – or more – people living with allergies or asthma.

Children are especially sensitive to airborne allergens due to the fact they inhale 50% more air per pound of bodyweight than adults.

Tobacco smoke has more than 4,000 chemical compounds in it, many of which are strong irritants.

If your HVAC system does not have effective air filtration, it makes the contamination worse by circulating suspended particulates instead of removing them.

If the air inside your home is too dry or has a dirty filter, the problems can overwhelm your senses and cut down on your peace of mind.

Static electricity

Dry skin, dry eyes, dry skin

Sore, dry throats, dry sinuses 

Cracks can form in wood furniture, splinter wooden floors and cabinets, and paint can begin to peel

Damage to musical instruments (pianos, guitars, violins)

Peeled or decayed wallpaper 

Although all HVAC systems have an air filtration system, they do not address the lack of humidity in the air.  Houses may find that they need a whole-house humidifier if the issue is extreme.

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