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Cooling or Warming a Home is Often the Largest Part of Your Utility Bill

 Air Conditioners run more often in the winter and summer – and that’s especially true if your unit isn’t ready for the season of change in the month, and the stress of running it nearly nonstop might cause it to break-down.

ESTES wants to remind you to make sure your unit is ready to run as efficiently as possible.

  1. Air Filters: Some people say your filter needs to be changed every three months, but when your AC is always running, you might want to consider changing the filters once a month.
  2. Clean the Outside HVAC Units: HVAC units often have debris that can accidentally get clog your unit if it isn’t covered. Mud, dirt, leaves and other debris can clog up your unit, making it run slower. Be sure there is no debris near the unit and keep it clean throughout the summer months to prevent it from getting clogged. You may also want to give the unit a good spray down with a hose before running it.
  3. Check Ductwork For Leaks: Leaky ducts make your unit work much harder than it needs to, so check your ductwork for holes or areas where the joints are disconnected.

If it has been a while since your unit was serviced, call ESTES today, because it’s a good idea to have it checked out by a professional. Schedule an appointment with ESTES Heating and Air Conditioning before it’s too late so you know you’re unit will be ready to take the heat.

Call ESTES today at (904) 241-6727.

Your SEO optimized title page contents
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