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How does an HVAC system affect your home? Many things occur in a home that we know can be avoided by homeowners, which will save you money!

Change The Filter & Regular Maintenance 

We have mentioned before that house maintenance is crucial to helping your house run at it’s best, and we meant it!   

If you subscribe to our cost-effective Prefered Customer Maintenance Program, we will check your HVAC mounting, clean the entire system of debris, and replace your AC filter on a regular basis.

It doesn’t matter what type of filter you have, ESTES will either clean it or change it. Every customer should know that it is extremely important to maintain your HVAC unit and it will increase the life and value of your home.

When we provide maintenance for you, ESTES cleans the filter and oil your evaporator coils to make sure they are working properly and don’t need replacement, and if they do, we replace them right then.

Once we provide the maintenance on your system, you can rest assured that your system is working as efficiently as possible.

If your HVAC filter remains dirty, the entire system works much harder to circulate the air properly. Changing the HVAC filter routinely increases the lifespan of your HVAC system, but it also can keep your overall electricity costs down.

  • Change or clean your HVAC filter
  • Placing a thermostat in a handy location instead of the customary location
  • Overlooking windows/doors that are open while AC is running
  • Not getting an annual maintenance inspection
  • Letting plants and debris gather around the HVAC unit
  • Neglecting to ask a professional at the FIRST sign of a HVAC difficulty issue
  • Closing off access to rooms or blocking off specific vents
  • Fixing it themselves… where a $50 problem turns into a $500 problem
Stay Worry Free With ESTES Spring Maintenance Special
Stay Worry Free With ESTES Spring Maintenance Special
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