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Refrigeration & Walk-in Cooler Maintenance and Service. 

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Commercial Refrigeration does not leave much room for error. Air By Estes knows this might not be the most exciting part of your business, but it is still very important. Our Refrigeration specialists employees have the skills to help you.

Repair Walk-in Freezers

Repair Walk-in Coolers

Commercial Refrigeration & Freezer Repair

Commercial Refrigeration Installation



Did your Commercial Freezer or Refrigerator  stop working? 

Call: (904) 241-6727

Don’t wait until it’s too late! 

Try not to pack items into your freezer because you run the risk of preventing air from properly circulating.

The “freezer airflow” around the food is the single best way to make sure your food items are evenly cooled without uneven hot spots. If you keep meat on the bottom shelves it will prevent cross contamination that from other products touching each other.  

Store produce away from fans. Ethylene, one of the most active plant hormones, is generated by most fruits and vegetables through the ripening process but can damage other produce. If produce is placed in front of a fan, gas could readily circulated through the entire freezer and mix with other products.  Organize your system by date. A commercial freezer has to follow the date added rule, first-in, first-out system.

This method ensures customers are getting the freshest food possible by using the oldest ingredients first. It also reduces the chance that you’ll serve spoiled food.

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