Jacksonville Ductless Mini-Split System Services 

Energy-Efficient Cooling Solutions in Northeast Florida

Estes Heating and Air offers professional installation and repair services for ductless mini-split systems in Jacksonville. We understand the importance of having a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, which is why we offer personalized service that caters to the unique needs of our clients. Our ductless mini-split systems are energy-efficient, quiet, and offer individual room temperature control, making them an excellent solution for those looking to improve their indoor air quality and reduce energy bills.

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Determining if a Mini-Split Is Right for You

Ductless mini-split systems have been gaining popularity among homeowners, especially those who want to enjoy efficient and versatile heating and cooling solutions without the need for ductwork. People who are thinking about a ductless mini-split system for their houses will want to consider some of the features of mini-splits to determine if this type of system is right for them. 

Key features of ductless mini-splits include: 

  • Mini-splits don’t use ductwork: Mini-split systems are perfect for houses lacking existing ductwork. While conventional HVAC systems demand ducts to deliver conditioned air to distinct rooms, mini-splits link one or more indoor units with a small outdoor unit through a conduit. Indoor units are usually installed on the wall, floor, or ceiling, and can be managed independently. This makes mini-splits ideal for retrofitting older homes or adding temperature control to specific areas of the house.
  • Mini-splits save money on energy: Ductless mini-split systems offer better energy efficiency than traditional HVAC systems. This is because mini-splits use inverter technology that adjusts the compressor speed according to the heating or cooling demand. This means that the unit doesn't have to run at full speed all the time, resulting in significant energy savings. Additionally, since mini-splits don't require ducts, there's no energy loss due to leaky ductwork or other inefficiencies. 
  • Mini-splits provide optimal comfort: Ductless mini-split systems offer superior comfort and air quality. With traditional HVAC systems, it's common for some rooms to be too hot or too cold, or for dust, allergens, and other pollutants to circulate throughout the house via the ducts. Mini-splits, on the other hand, offer zoned temperature control, allowing you to set different temperatures for different rooms or zones. This ensures that everyone in the house can enjoy the perfect temperature and level of comfort. Moreover, mini-split systems generally feature multi-stage filtration systems that can trap dust, allergens, and other contaminants, leading to improved indoor air quality and better health.

Estes offers affordable Maintenance plans and discounts on replacements, parts, and labor.

Estes professionally cleans your entire A/C system, inside & out. Clean the coils, lubricate all moving parts and install new filters.

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Common Problems & Troubleshooting Tips for Mini-Splits

Mini-split systems are highly efficient and reliable, but like any HVAC system, they can experience issues that affect their performance. Common problems with mini-split systems include refrigerant leaks, sensor malfunctions, dirty air filters, and faulty thermostats. These issues can result in inadequate cooling or heating, low airflow, strange noises, and high energy bills.

To troubleshoot these problems, start by checking the air filters and cleaning or replacing them as needed. Check the thermostat settings and ensure that it is set to the correct temperature and mode. If the system is still not working correctly, it may be due to a refrigerant leak or a sensor malfunction, which requires professional attention.

Estes Heating and Air is the company to trust for mini-split system services in Jacksonville. Call (904) 746-9747 today to request a free estimate on a new unit! 

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