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Estes Heating & Air Conditioning provides Service, Installation & Repair offers FREE in-home consultation with a HVAC Technician Advisor, where we provide a complete evaluation of your cooling and heating needs for your home in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Hazards in the home.

ESTES Heating & Air Conditioning

👉🏻 Reliable 24/7 Service
👉🏻 Always Hassle-Free
👉🏻 Always Repeat Savings of 15%
👉🏻 Comprehensive Diagnostic on your HVAC System Functions
👉🏻 Protection for your investment
👉🏻 Always Great Customer Loyalty and Treatments

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As we are finding out more and more these days, health and safety of your kids and your loved ones is by far the most important thing on the minds of each family. 

Indoor air quality is a simple, yet very complex and very important part of your families health, whether you realize it or not. Sometimes, the air outside is cleaner than the air indoors, due to building materials, or even lack of upkeep. Poor indoor air quality is the 13th leading cause of deaths worldwide, according to WHO.

At Estes Heating & Air Conditioning, our focus is to consistently provide your family and your air conditioned areas with the cleanest air experience that is humanly possible. Our HVAC Technician Advisors can quicly runs tests and checks on your homes indoor air quality. Which is why we offer a FREE in-home consultations with one of our Advisors so we can provide you a thorough evaluation of your cooling and heating needs, along with making sure your family is protected from any issues that might be happening inside your home that are related to your HVAC Unit.

ESTES is ready to help you through the process. You are always the priority.

Duval County, Clay County, St. Johns County, Nassau County, Baker County, Bradford County, Camden County, Charlton County
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