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Don’t Get Upset, Call ESTES and We’ll Fix Your AC!!

Emergency Repair Services

Sometimes refrigeration systems & HVAC units are really complex systems, with many moving parts and lots of critical components under continuous strain. As part of regular processes, components wear down, wear out, or filters are not replaced, or the drains get clogged or actually plugged up. Whether it’s sticky or “mucky” valves, a broken fan motor, or a total compressor failure, Estes technicians are on call for you and your business, and very capable to fix your business system’s issues or problems.
Estes provides preventative maintenance, installation, broken/repair, and emergency weekend service, and we are experts for the fields of Air Conditioning,  Refrigeration & HVAC Systems.  We are ready to respond to your needs, 24/7.
We have the proper technical training to reinforce our technicians so that they are trained in the latest techniques and technologies to address your system’s specific issues, regardless of brand. 

Our dispatch ensures we send the right technician for your specific problem.

Our goal is to make our expertise work for your best advantage in Jacksonville.

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