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The salt corrosion zone

Just like the twilight zone, we in Florida get the salt corrosion zone and outdoor equipment hates it. Outdoor compressors have aluminum cooling fins that corrode exponentially as we get closer to the beach. If you can hear the waves or smell the water where you live you are going to loose years on your compressor.

First the fins on the compressor start to bend easily, and then they start to get brittle.
Pretty soon you start see aluminum flakes and if you touch it sandy particles come off in your hand. At that point you are purchasing a new unit.

A great way to extend the life of your compressor is to coat it with a protectant. I am not talking a can of Rustolium .I’m talking about a take apart your outdoor unit, spraying in with an industrial coating, letting it cure and reassembling the unit. We use a product called Husky.

This process extends the life of a unit by 3 to 5 years. We have worked on beachside properties for 22 years and this works in the salt zone.

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